Who are we?

Group members. 2013Group members. 2013

We are experts in electrochemistry and corrosion science. The group is led by David Shoesmith, an NSERC/Nuclear Waste Management Organization IRC in Nuclear Fuel and Waste Container Corrosion Under Waste Disposal Management Conditions Industrial Research Chair at The University of Western Ontario.

The group is investigating various industrial corrosion and environmental contamination problems encompassing a range of detailed electrochemical, chemical, metallurgical and transport reactions that make up complex materials and corrosion processes. Besides novel experemental techniques, the group uses computational modeling approaches from detailed deterministic process models to statistical/probabilistic and environmental performance assessment models.

At the moment, the group’s main research focus is waste containers and waste forms to find solutions for the disposal of high level nuclear wastes using a combination of experimental and modeling approaches. Some of these approaches involve applying electrochemical techniques, often under hostile conditions such as in very hot, harsh environments.

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Today is Wednesday, August 20th, 2014



New Ph.D. is hatched from the lab !

 Please join us in congratulating Dr. Michael Wu on a successful defense!!

 In spite of complicated questions from the committee members and J.J. Noel his thesis defence, titled “Used Nuclear Fuel Corrosion under Permanent Disposal Conditions - Modelling and Electrochemical Studies”, was successfully defended.  

Congratulations, Michael !

Corrosion 2014

Mars Fontana Prize
Matthew Asmussen
March 2014

 We are delighted to announce that Matt Asmussen has won the Mars Fontana Prize for the best posters in Corrosion Engineering at NACE's annual conference, CORROSION 2014 Conference & Expo, March 9-13, 2014, in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Congratulations, Matt!

Corrosion 2014

NACE Foundation Academic Scholarship
Thalia Wells
Feb. 2014

Thalia WellsThalia WellsIt is our pleasure to tell you that Thalia Wells was awarded a NACE* International Foundation Academic Scholarship for 2014.

Congratulations, Dr. Mayuri !

Dr. Mayuri Razdan (left)Dr. Mayuri Razdan (left)

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Mayuri Razdan has successfully defended her Ph. D. theses entitled ““Electrochemical and Surface Compositional Studies on Uranium Dioxide Corrosion under Nuclear Waste Disposal Conditions”.